Shell Shock Pictures: Give ‘Em Both Barrels

We Summon You To The Comradeship!

Ashley Gilbertson & Tim Grucza - Shell Shock Pictures

Shell Shock Pictures is a commercial film and photography company conceived over beers and under fire by Ashley Gilbertson and Timothy Grucza, lifelong friends from Melbourne, Australia.

A film school expulsion, an Emmy, some feature films,  the Robert Capa Gold Medal, an ASME, and half a dozen wars later, they’re living in New York City, mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore.

Ash and Tim co-direct each project Shell Shock is assigned, regardless of content or discipline. Our motivation to found a company was born from our belief advertising can be better. Tepid, uninspired ad work is too often the norm.

Shell Shock breaks the mold. We produce work that is emotional, engaging, sometimes ludicrous. We defy cliches, we make viewers challenge core truths. We make grown men cry.

We are first aid qualified, and also work with animals and children.