Timothy Grucza

It’s pronounced Groo-Cha!


Shell Shock co-founder, Timothy Grucza, 36, has finally fled the Paris café scene for fairer shores, plumper bank accounts, and coffee on the go. “There was a steep learning curve initially,” he told The Standard, “For the first couple of weeks I was spilling stuff everywhere. My shirt looked like a Jackson Pollock– I only just stopped having to carry a spare.”

Grucza’s hunch that the move would pay off proved more accurate than he or his family ever imagined–his passport’s been stamped more times in the last year than in the previous five. HBO, PBS, CNN–if a network is acclaimed by news heads, TiVoed by policy makers, and receives more awards annually than Meryl Streep in a lifetime, then Grucza’s worked for it.

Whether on the front lines of Afghanistan, in the slums of Mumbai, or amongst the bankers of Wall Street, Grucza finds grace, elegance and beauty in his subject matter regardless of how chaotic, dull, or ugly the scenes. As a director, he sees and records the essence of his subject and then as cinematographer, shares that insight with his viewers.

“Yeah, I went to film school, but I was thrown out,” Grucza says, “my skill is thanks to hard work and lots of practice under circumstances that sometimes scare the shit out of me.”

Grucza’s uncanny ability to distill the most complex ideas and situations into sophisticated, streamlined film won him an Emmy in 2009, and another nomination the following year.